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Here at Wilson & Wilson Co., L.P.A., our attorneys have — since 1954 — served the needs of clients with respect to commercial transactional and litigation matters, including those matters centering around an intellectual property issue, such as:

  • Preparing and filing applications for trademarks;
  • Preparing and filing applications for copyrights;
  • Litigating disputes involving patent, trademark, and copyright infringement;
  • Pre-litigation planning;
  • And more

We primarily serve as outside corporate counsel to various businesses.  As such, we strive to integrate our understanding of the overall commercial impact of a given strategic decision with the efficacy of the decision itself — this allows us to better evaluate the true value of different strategic options.

End-to-End, Predictive Advocacy

We handle both transactional matters and the litigation of intellectual property disputes on behalf of our clients. The breadth of our representation has gifted us with significant insight into how a dispute develops, and what one can do to prevent a dispute through effective planning and documentation.

We engage closely with our clients from the beginning of representation, identifying potential liability issues early.  This enables us to plan “around” potential risk factors and secure intellectual property for our clients in a manner that minimizes expense (time, funds) in the long-term.

Representation at the Cutting Edge

Intellectual property issues (and the enforcement thereof) are constantly changing with the times. For example, federal district courts — such as the Norther District of Ohio — have enacted new patent rules to simplify and streamline patent litigation.

Here at Wilson & Wilson, we are experienced in handling not only a wide array of intellectual property matters, but also in handling those matters in which we will have to push ourselves to stay ahead of the informational curve, so to speak. Our commitment to clients requires that we learn the ins-and-outs of the current regulatory landscape, as well as the procedural requirements, so that we can more effectively represent their interests as the matter progresses.

If you have an intellectual property matter that you would like resolved, whether transactional or litigation-related, then we encourage you to contact an attorney here at Wilson & Wilson for comprehensive legal guidance.

Our team has extensive experience in both preparing and executing intellectual property documentation, as well as in litigating disputes (should they arise from earlier representation or independently).  We are therefore positioned advantageously to handle a wide range of connected issues in the intellectual property context.

Curious about what your next steps should be? Call in or email us to request a consultation with a member of our team.  We look forward to speaking with you further.