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Here at Wilson & Wilson Co., L.P.A., we are no strangers to medical malpractice litigation, from straightforward claims to complex, multi-defendant lawsuits.

In the medical malpractice context, many injured plaintiffs feel overwhelmed, betrayed, and anxious about the prospect of pursuing a legal recourse for their losses.  It’s important that medical malpractice plaintiffs understand that — while most medical professionals are performing adequately with respect to their duties — there are a great many medical professionals who are failing their patients, and who could be putting others at-risk, too.

Unique Challenges in Medical Malpractice Disputes

Medical malpractice claims are challenging in that they require the plaintiff to show that the defendant violated the applicable standard-of-care. Whether the defendant will be found liable for having violated the standard of care will depend largely on the circumstances, and on the testimony of various experts.

Medical professionals are not only given the benefit of the doubt by the general public, but their insurer is likely to organize their substantial resources (including well-regarded physicians) to provide supportive testimony on their client’s behalf.  The key to success in medical malpractice litigation is to push hard against this sort of defense strategy, and to essentially beat the defendant “at their own game” — simply put, to coordinate with physicians and introduce testimony that directly counters that of the defense.

Broad Legal Practice

Here at Wilson & Wilson, we operate a broad legal practice that includes a variety of personal injury claims (such as motor vehicle accident claims, dog bite claims, and premises and product liability claims).  The breadth of our experiences has taught us that creative, client-centered representation is fundamental to success in challenging disputes — regardless of the nature of the conflict in which our client is involved, we invest the time and attention necessary to understand their claims fully and thereby develop an “airtight” case.

Unlike many other medical malpractice attorneys, we represent physicians in a capacity that is unrelated to personal injury litigation — specifically, we handle contracts and disputes on behalf of healthcare professionals.  As a result, we have built strong relationships with professionals in the Ohio healthcare field, and have gained a deep understanding of the factors that can influence the provision of effective healthcare (or lack thereof).

If you have been injured in a medical malpractice accident, then Ohio law may entitle you to significant compensation.  Medical malpractice litigation can be rather challenging, however, as it involves defendants who have substantial resources (and, oftentimes, the support of the general public) at their disposal.

Here at Wilson & Wilson, our team of attorneys has extensive experience working with personal injury claimants, including those whose claims center around assertions of medical malpractice.  As such, we are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of a medical malpractice dispute and secure a favorable result.

In fact, our litigation background speaks volumes about our capabilities.  In the landmark medical malpractice case, Dimora v. Cleveland Clinic Found., we served as plaintiff’s counsel and obtained a verdict in favor of our injured client, securing punitive damages for the falsification of their medical records.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you move forward with your medical malpractice claims.